Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Les Miserables work

Les Miserables

 How did the script introduce the narrative (story), setting, time period, the characters and the genre? 

The script starts by telling us the year '1815' and a bit of background information, which helps us understand and picture the context - 'The French revolution is a distant memory. Napoleon has been defeated. France is ruled by a King again'. This tells us the narrative, setting and time period. Then in the script we get a description of the scene and what will be happening in the scene. This gives us the view of the setting and genre. After that, we get another description, this time of the man 'Jean Veljean' and the 'Convicts'.

How did it engage you?

It engaged me with the use of description of the scene (mis on scene). The powerful dramatic words used in the description really engage me because it helped me picture the scene. Just with text for speech alone would not be interesting to me, but with the use of description of the scene the reader then becomes more engaged.

Scripts - 2012, Avatar, Gladiator

1) How did each script introduce the narrative (story), setting, time period, the characters and the genre?

Each of them is dated. They describe to us the setting in depth which helps us picture it in our minds. Through the description provided we can also picture the narrative and time period, it also tells us the genre.

2) How did each script engage you?

I was engaged with the quality detail in each description. It really helped me picture the setting easily.

3) What did each of the scripts have in common?

All of them had the name of the film and the name of the people who wrote it.  Out of the three only avatar did not have the date it was written. They all have an introduction to the scene followed by a detailed description.

4) What were the differences between the scripts?

Obviously each script had a different story, ut mostly they were all the same in the way they were set out.