Friday, 11 October 2013

Analysis of opening of TV/Film of your choice

Analysis of 'Family Guy' opening scene

The 'Family guy' opening sequence begins with Louis singing whilst playing the piano. It is an upbeat tune with a slow tempo, which gets faster as the intro progresses. The 'mise en scene' is the living room of their house. In terms of the camera shot it starts with a medium/close up shot (upper body). The lyrics Louis sing are "It seems today, that all we see, is violence in movies and sex on TV". This is sang in quite a relaxed manor but with the introduction of Peter you can tell that this is a comedy and a 'piss-take'. He then sings "but where are all those good old fashion values..." at which point the camera zooms out (Long shot) as the rest of the family (Meg, Stewie, Chris, Brian) are introduced to the scene, where they all sing "on which we used to rely". Then their is a change in scene to where they are situated on a stage. The music enters a faster pace and the whole family start preforming the can-can, along with can-can dancers lined up a flight of steps copying what Peter and Louis are doing at the front (long shot/extreme long-shot . Again this refers to humor and tells us about the genre of this program. It then ends by cutting away to the family guy logo in big letters and no music. From then it continues with the rest of the episode....

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