Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Film Trailer Analysis

The Sweeney (2012)

The trailer starts showing the two film companies that produced the film, logo's. Then a background, extreme longshot of London fades in, while the camera slowly advances up London's skyline; this tells us the location/setting of the film.
After this, we cut to a shot where an undercover police car speeds up a road right of the river themes. This also gives us another indication of the location. With the police car, we now know that the genre of this film is definitely crime but could be action/thriller as most films that involve the police tend to be one or both of these.
The camera then cuts to another extreme longshot of the London skyline where there is a narrative voice over where a man (Ray Winstone) says: 'call me Regan'. We then get an idea of who the main character could be. Could it be this 'Regan'? as he was the first person to speak. We then get to see this 'Regan' as the camera cuts to a view of him leaning against a wall turning his head around as if he's looking for something; camera shot is medium shot. This leads the audience to wander what he he's looking for. This creates suspense.
We then cut to another shot of the undercover police car. This time it is driving towards us, this is a longshot. Instantly after this we get to find out who our second main character is (Ben Drew) as we cut to a shot of him stood just of a whiteboard pointing to the word pegasus; (Audience) what is pegasus? This shot starts at longshot and then zooms into medium shot. At the same time of this we here his voice; he says 'Owen Carter' - This is the name of our second main character.
We then cut to another shot of 'Regan' who walks up to a potential bad guy, puts him in a armlock and says 'we're the Sweeney, now get out of the way or i'll break your legs'. This leads the audience to ask why he's doing this? We wouldn't normally associate this with the police. This type of behavior links to action and shows us a bit about the genre of the film. This shot is in close up to extreme close up.
It then cuts to a view of the name of the film (The Sweeney). It takes up the whole screen so everyone can see what it is. At this point, music kicks in. The music is one of a serious tone to create tension.
We then cut to another extreme longshot view of the London skyline while advancing slowly forward, this time the view is at night. This leads us to suspect danger. Immediately after this we cut to a scene of a robbery; maybe the robbery was at night? Then we here a voice over which says-'The problem is the methods (at which point we see whose speaking, some kind of higher ache in the police dep.) the tactics you employ'. He then goes on to say 'The collateral damage left in your wake'. While he is saying this we cut to back to the robbery where members of the Sweeney are using 'unorthodox' techniques to bring in the criminals. These techniques involve beating up the robbers, something we wouldn't associate with the police. This ultimately intrigues us, the audience, more. At which point we cut back to the office where 'Regan' confronts the other man by saying 'so what, we still do the things you can only dream of'. The general shot here at the climax of the confrontation is close-up. This references to some kind of tension or conflict between these two characters that could be a constant theme throughout the film.
We then cut to a scene with all the members of the Sweeney are in a bar celebrating. They all shout 'Sweeney!'. This shows us that they are a close-knit bunch; a group of friends. The sots used in this scene are medium and longshot. Is something in the film going to disrupt this?
After this we get to see the year when this film will be released in the cinema ('in 2012') but only the year so we are compelled to carry on watching the trailer to find out more.
We then cut to a car chase. This references to the action genre. In this scene we cut from angle to angle, to angle, to give a sense of chaos.
It then cuts to a message where it says on screen, 'to catch a criminal', at which point we cut to a scene where we have 'carter' chasing after a robber with a baseball bat, another scene where we have another member of the Sweeney crouching behind  and another scene where 'Regan' is onto of one of the criminals saying 'nobody takes liberties on my patch'. These shots are all made up of medium and close up. We then cut to another shot with just writing, it reads - 'act like a criminal'. This portrays the way the Sweeney operates.

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